Tricky Steal

Steal the best tricks and techniques Step by Step. Slowly little by little you will learn how to do a perfectly fine almond, square, pipe, gothic or russian or even the longest stilettos in a fastest ways. They will not be just fine but pretty steady as well, so you don’t have to fear from the clients who want to come to back to you. They will simply just come back to do more for them, not because their nails are fallen or broken.

The Simplest Things

Sometimes the best thing comes in the simplest forms. It could warm our heart, and can make us so surprisedly happy about it. If I’m tried I leave it to my technician to do it as she please and when I get home or in my car way to home, I see closely what she created on my nails…and I just smile, smile and smile. The little Swarovski stones, the simple nail art what resembles to my clothes. I will go again, to surprise me again.