The Simplest Things

Sometimes the best thing comes in the simplest forms. It could warm our heart, and can make us so surprisedly happy about it. If I’m tried I leave it to my technician to do it as she please and when I get home or in my car way to home, I see closely what she created on my nails…and I just smile, smile and smile. The little Swarovski stones, the simple nail art what resembles to my clothes. I will go again, to surprise me again.

Shiny or Matte? Both?

Always shiny, glassy, smooth nails? Really? It is really what has to be? If you have a little doubt than you are not alone at all. Ever tried matte nail polish? It is wonderful how you can use it, for example decoration or for a replacement of the smile line…it’s really hitting and original. The shift between the matte and the shining parts when the light plays on it it’s really something. Try it too.–Matte-Crystalac-14-fl-oz-1320