Tricky Steal

Steal the best tricks and techniques Step by Step. Slowly little by little you will learn how to do a perfectly fine almond, square, pipe, gothic or russian or even the longest stilettos in a fastest ways. They will not be just fine but pretty steady as well, so you don’t have to fear from the clients who want to come to back to you. They will simply just come back to do more for them, not because their nails are fallen or broken.

Toes in Show

Everybody talks about hand nails, like “oh it’s so cute or so elegant or so gorgeous”…etc…but nobody talks or thinks of the toe nail designs ever. I don’t know why but I like it when my nails match to each other, and in summer season everybody can sees them even if I’m at the beach or goes on a party or just be home with my fiancé. I can variate the colors, the decorations, patterns whenever I like it. They always look gorgeous and demanding.

Shiny or Matte? Both?

Always shiny, glassy, smooth nails? Really? It is really what has to be? If you have a little doubt than you are not alone at all. Ever tried matte nail polish? It is wonderful how you can use it, for example decoration or for a replacement of the smile line…it’s really hitting and original. The shift between the matte and the shining parts when the light plays on it it’s really something. Try it too.–Matte-Crystalac-14-fl-oz-1320

Frenetic Acrylic designs

In the artificial nail industry there are several opportunities, and chances but to find a website which sum up all the topics and it easy to find anything on it, I thought that it’s impossible. Then I peeked in every topic a little in this site, and I found lot more than imaged. The acrylic nail designs were incredible the arts were frenetic and the salons were full of creative talented artists. If you want to be a part of something unique then there is your chance.

Faster than you think!

Various nails everywhere you just look. Everything is related to them so if you have some time you can surf in the exciting themes all day, but if you have just a few seconds, then don’t let it bothers you! You will find what you are searching for faster than you think.